VoIP(Voice Over IP)

A business absolutely needs a scalable and reliable voice solution in order to grow and maintain customers.  Why not have a phone system that works around you?  Obtain a solution that will save you money and provide you with enterprise-level service & features.   Call us we can help!

Bonding Appliance  

Increase your bandwidth!  A Bonding Appliance, also referred to as a “Bandwidth Aggregation Appliance” — offers aggregated Internet connectivity to small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with heavy usage needs; from the single use office to multi-tenant buildings, by aggregating multiple Internet access lines for increased performance and reliability.  Multiple DSL, cable modem or T1 services can be combined to provide much higher speeds and more reliable Internet access.

 Cloud Hosted

  • Email in the cloud
  • Virtual Servers
  • Virtual PC “My Computer” in the Cloud
  • Syncplicity Sync all your devices!
  • Backup to the Cloud