Managed Services

Managed Services – We provide the following:

Remote management of your desktops, networks, servers and other applicable network devices. Additionally we can monitor and provide your organization proper support on a variety of needs unique to your business; e-mail protection and management, network management, server maintenance, SQL database monitoring and management, desktop support, performance monitoring, patching, anti-virus updates, software deployments, and much more. We have a great team of certified engineers and technicians ready to deliver the high level of IT support you need for your network.

Desktop Support

  • Regularly deploy patches and update virus definitions
  • Set up of Daily Spyware and Virus scans
  • Perform desktop fixes and repair i.e. Defrag, Bit Level Repair, etc. Address Sluggish performance issues
  • Use S.M.A.R.T. technology to predict and notify of hard drive failures BEFORE they happen
  • Support for Microsoft off the shelf products and third-party applications
  • Extend end-user technical support
  • Monitoring and notification of any e-mail and other issues

Security Management

  • Proactive firewall maintenance and troubleshooting as problems arises
  • Review logs of intrusion attempts from outside influences and take action as necessary
  • Continuous filtering for bugs, spyware, malware, and other threats
  • Proactive monitoring of e-mails for spam and viruses before they can affect the system
  • Proactive evaluation of all Microsoft updates before applying them

Server & Network Management

  • Windows Server support all versions 2000/2003/2008 and proactive maintenance
  • Troubleshoot/fix any alert that arises while monitoring systems
  • Routine check of event logs to identify problems and troubleshoot them
  • Verify Data Backup and monitor all server logs
  • Management of all Hubs, Switches, and other network devices
  • Automatic notification and best effort resolution of all critical server errors, and data backup failures
  • Monitoring of all compatible network printers