The majority of your IT budget should be spent on upgrading and enhancing your business system, not maintaining it. We offer a better solution to the high-priced MSP. When the time comes, you can trust us to upgrade and/or enhance your IT infrastructure.

Did you know?

SMB’s report an average of 50 hours of lost productivity a year per employee caused by IT problems. Our technical support and proactive troubleshooting can help your company avoid this downtime altogether.

93 percent? Really?

93% of IT problems can be proactively addressed via remote access before they turn into performance problems, downtime, loss of data, or security breaches.

Expert Technical Support

Have your IT infrastructure supported by a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers.

Alert Notification

When we receive an alert from your system, we review it and work on it. A copy of the alert is also forwarded to you, via our remote management platform.

Full Maintenance

Maintenance is a thing of the past for you and your staff as we update your system, monitor uptime & alerts, maintain your hardware, and so much more.

Monthly Health Reports you can understand…  “At A Glance”

Our monthly Network Health Monitoring reports provide you a quick clear understanding of your network. You can see what’s happening and confidently go on with your day focusing on your business, and not the IT.

Don’t Waste Your Money

We are an IT company that firmly believes the majority of your IT budget should be spent on upgrading and enhancing your business systems, and not maintaining them.

Easy Budgeting

A fixed-monthly expense provides you a simplified support and maintenance budget, therefore allowing you to invest into growing your business.