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  • Server Replacement Time…

    July 5th, 2015

    Are you still using XP or Server 2003? It might be time for an upgrade…

    The standard expectation when using technology today is that inevitably you’ll need to change/upgrade. As technology  advances it usually makes things easier, faster and better. The idea of making things better is for the most part, worth  the pains brought on by “change”. Your old systems may be limping along, but why not make things better? You could vastly improve you and your staff’s productivity and increase your bottom line… etc. Yes, the mantra “If it ain’t broke,  why fix it?” is certainly a hard one to contest… But it doesn’t mean that things can’t get any better. I suggest we put  that little saying up against your mom’s advice… “You’ll never know unless you try it!” (mom should push you in the right direction). I’m not advocating bleeding edge trials here… mainly those tried and true advancements that have a  great deal of recommendations behind them.


    If you’re working on XP and/or Window Server 2003 (or prior…) there’s plenty of evidence that the above mentioned  motherly advice makes a great deal of sense. Many studies have shown that Windows 7 and current server operating systems  outperform their predecessors in almost every conceivable situation.


    Combining the new server architecture of today, with the multiple benefits of virtualization (which have been available for  a long while now…) will no-doubt provide you a strong and healthy network! YEP! a network that will once again allow  you to properly reapply that money saving mantra “If it ain’t broke why fix it” for many more years to come!


    It is of course very important for us to understand the way you do business in order to accurately  assess how an upgrade can positively impact operations. Please contact us and we’ll be happy  to discuss an upgrade plan using the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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